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Is a hotel without a good location waiting to lose money?

2019/10/16 18:36:21
Although a good location is a huge marketing advantage, it is not the only factor attracting customers. Hotels that don't take advantage of location can also make money - all they need is amazing stories, excellent guest participation, and real guest insight.
It's important to build and share a great hotel story. The story telling can show the uniqueness of the hotel and make the guests resonate. In modern times, telling stories through video content is an important way to share Hotel stories, which includes sharing behind the scenes moments with employees, or displaying interesting aspects of the brand through fascinating clips. By telling stories, you will begin to create a glamorous hotel brand, rather than relying on its location to attract guests.
At the same time of satisfying the guests, the hotel can use the information collected from the WiFi data of the guests to carry out effective marketing activities. Data generated from WiFi will quickly create an email list that allows hotels to segment and market based on customer behavior. In this way, the hotel can send relevant and useful information to each customer at any time. Providing lasting value to customers in this way is much more effective than simply relying on the best location.
Social media platform is the key to the story telling of the hotel, and it is also an important way for the hotel to sincerely communicate with the guests before, during and after their stay. When the guests stay in your hotel, let them take the topic to send status for the hotel on the social platform, or consider booking accommodation again, promote the hotel brand through image and video publicity, which has to be said to be an effective way.
High quality customer data is the key to creating loyal hotel guests, so we should collect, segment and analyze it. In this way, the hotel can easily provide customers with personalized services to repay their loyalty. For example, send a return visit offer, or a special discount to celebrate an upcoming birthday or anniversary. Use the marketing automation software to automate this process, so that it is easy to segment the hotel's incentive plan, and the hotel will soon see the benefits of one-to-one marketing.
A good appraisal is essential for any hotel. It can bring you more guests. Hotel guests are usually happy to share their feedback, but it can be time consuming to encourage each guest to do so. Like reward events, automated review requests can make the whole process faster, easier, and more efficient. Once your guests check out, email or text them for comments. Include a direct link, make it as simple as possible, and emphasize how much you value their feedback. Strengthening your social connections has proven to be an important way to compete with other hotels, so don't skip this step.
What a hotel needs is not only a good location, but also competition with a better location. The key is to create a prominent brand with value and story, so that guests can make a good response. Take the time to invest in fun social media and create a real sense of engagement for guests. Great location makes marketing easier, but developing lasting customer engagement and loyalty is the real way to make hotels last.

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