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Forecast of eight travel trends in 2020

2019/10/18 12:23:47
In order to control the damage to the ecological environment caused by excessive tourism in time, it has become a new trend to punch in the minority travel destinations. In 2020, nearly three-quarters of Chinese tourists (74%) are willing to reduce over travel, and another 62% are willing to replace the original hot destinations and choose small number of destinations with similar characteristics to reduce the impact on the environment.
In 2020, travelers will rely more on technology to aid decision-making. 71% of Chinese travelers are looking forward to the "all-purpose card" of technology, which can bring unexpected travel experience in the new year. In addition, they will use apps that can access and book all kinds of travel activities in real time and quickly to make travel more convenient. Based on this, more high-tech applications such as artificial intelligence will be developed in the future to provide multiple destination and accommodation suggestions according to travelers' travel preferences and travel records, combined with elements such as weather and hot topics.
With the rapid development of the world, most people have become "time poor", as well as travel and vacation. And the all-round travel exploration will become the travel demand in the fast-paced life. Chinese tourists are eager to get rich and diversified scenic spot experience in the 2020 journey. More than 61% of Chinese tourists hope to experience all kinds of activities, punch in many classic scenic spots and give a multiple experience in a limited travel time.
Thanks to the healthy body and risk-taking spirit of the elderly, travelling together with grandparents and grandchildren has become another new trend in 2020. This extraordinary trip to grandparents and grandchildren is full of love. 70% of Chinese grandparents are eager to return to their long lost youth when they get along with their grandchildren. 63% of Chinese tourists believe that parents should let go of their children and enjoy their precious time, which will make the journey of grandparents possible.
In the new year, travelers' enthusiasm for food will not fade. For diners, how the journey is arranged depends on how many local delicacies they can taste along the way. In addition, the development of social media has also greatly inspired diners to explore food. From the big brand online red restaurant to the "fly Pavilion" known only by local people, they are always stimulating their taste buds. According to the survey, 73% of Chinese tourists regard tasting local food as an important part of their holiday.

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